Frequently Asked Questions
General Inquiries
New to the JAMNAV API? Start here to learn the basics.

  • What is the JAMNAV API?
  • The JAMNAV Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for assisting in building spatial based computer software and mobile applications. The API specifies how software components should interact with the JAMNAV database. The JAMNAV API will make it easy to develop a new programme by providing the spatial building blocks for development.

  • Who is the JAMNAV API for?
  • The JAMNAV API targets, but is not limited to business owners, marketers, engineers, project managers and executives that reqire in depth and detailed geospatial data in order to augment existing business functions, supplement the decision making making process, or to create new services

  • How do I access the JAMNAV API?
  • Visit, or and sign-up to gain access to the JAMNAV API.

  • What kind of data is available in the JAMNAV API?
  • Spatial datasets containing points of interest (POIs) across Jamaica. For example: Airports, Auto Parts Dealers, Banks and ABMs, Bars, Retails Stores, Communication Services, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Fitness Centres, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores and several others.

  • Does the JAMNAV API replace the Google Maps API?
  • Not initially. The JAMNAV API will provide very accurate geospatial data that will augment the Google Maps platform. The JAMNAV API will benefit from frequent on-the-ground updates and the expertise of geospatial experts operating in Jamaica.

  • How often is the JAMNAV API updated?
  • New data is collected on a daily basis hence the API is updated daily.

  • How are updates implemented?
  • Updates will be pushed to the JAMNAV API server by the development team. The team at Mona Informatix Limited will ensure that the data provided by the API will be kept up to date through our work in the field. Once new data is collected, the API will be automatically updated without requiring any input from you. This ensures that your applications always have the latest information available.

  • Is there a fee to use the JAMNAV API?
  • Yes. Costing options can be found on the JAMNAV home page.

  • How do I get customer support?
  • Customers may contact Mona Geoinformatix limited at (876) 977-3160-2 or

  • Can I use the JAMNAV API outside Jamaica?
  • Yes. The JAMNAV API will eventually support spatial data outside Jamaica. Clients can request the addition of data for their international partners.